Past Events

‘Taking (a)part: theorising an engaged or activist architectural practice through education and research’. Paper at the International Conference ‘Theory by Design – Architectural Research made explicit in the Design Teaching Studio’, 29-31st October 2012, Artesis University College of Antwerp, Belgium

‘Where can I meet you? Reflections on interview sites, sites of encounter and sites of agency for initiating spatial change’. Paper atCommon Grounds: On Site’, PhD Methodologies Workshop, April 2012, Sheffield School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

River Commons Workshop (A Studio Polpo-initiated project). Workshop at the Changemakers Festival, October 2011, Hub Westminster, London

‘Initiating Architecture: Agency and Values in Transformative Spatial Practice’               Paper at the SERNUK Doctoral Meeting for Social Enterprise UK PhD Students           27-28th June 2011 Durham University  Social Enterprise Research Network UK –

‘Knowing Common Grounds – Perspectives on ‘social change’ from research and practice in the School of Architecture ‘                                                                                                        Paper with Julia Udall at the University of Sheffield Faculty of Social Sciences Postgraduate Student Conference ‘Social Change’                                                              Monday 4th April 2011, ICOSS, 219 Portobello, Sheffield

‘Initiating Architecture – Researching Socially Entrepreneurial Architecture Projects’    Talk at Architecture sans Frontières UK  ‘Social Enterprise – Lessons for Architects’ Sunday 3rd April 2011, NCVO, Regent’s Wharf, London

‘Common Grounds – Exploring Methodologies for Researching Architecture and the Built Environment’                                                                                                                                     PhD Workshop organised by Anna Holder & James Benedict Brown                                      14 & 15th January 2011, St Deniol’s Library Clwyd

‘Out-of-control Experiments? – Innovation and Prototype in Socially Motivated Architecture Praxis’                                                                                                                        Paper given at the International Interdisciplinary Conference ‘The Experimental Society’   7 – 9th July 2010, Lancaster University, Lancaster                          

‘Ethics and emerging entrepreneurial design praxis: the role of the designer in socially motivated projects’                                                                                                                        Paper given at the 2nd EMES International PhD Summer School – ‘The three SE pillars: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Economy and Solidarity Economy’
1 – 4th July 2010 Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark               

‘Exploring Methodologies: Actor Network Theory & Qualitative Methods’                          Talk for undergraduate students                                                                                                    13th April 2010, University of Sheffield School of Architecture

‘Initiating Architecture – the role of architects as initiators or catalysts of projects for socialchange’                                                                                                                                               Paper at Stadtkolloquium Urban PhD Research Seminar                                                           28 & 29th January 2010, UCL Urban Laboratory, London                   

‘Project Anatomy: Exploring initiation and agency in 3 case studies’                               Lecture for M.Arch Management course                                                                                      25th November 2011, University of Sheffield School of Architecture

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